Teaching Ethics at Universities

2015 Conference

The Wheatley Institution is proud to announce their fifth Teaching Ethics at Universities Conference at Brigham Young University. The purpose of this conference is to improve ethics teaching across the nation by allowing participants to observe other expert teachers and the techniques they use to instruct students. To achieve this purpose the conference gathers professors and doctoral students in the field of ethics from across the country for a three-day conference consisting of featured lectures from top academics in ethics. Lectures are presented in a real classroom setting with students in attendance. After each lecture has concluded, the students will leave to allow the conference attendants to discuss the lesson and the pedagogical techniques employed by the professor. The conference is designed to improve ethics teaching nationally by bringing the best teachers of ethics together to learn from one another's teaching styles and techniques

Library of Past Conferences

Ethics versus Virtuousness in Adapting to Change

Kim Cameron, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, considers the importance of teaching ethics as a fixed point in a global society of constant change, and addresses the complexities of offering students relevant classroom experience in the context of so much change. Dr. Cameron also explores integrating ethical choices into established organizations, and measuring results of virtuous living.

Basic Frameworks in Business Ethics

In the keynote of the 2010 conference, Tom Donaldson, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, provides a wide-ranging discussion of the basic philosophical frameworks for teaching and discussing business ethics.

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