Teaching Ethics at Universities

Teaching Ethics at Universities

A Master Class in Business Ethics

1-3 June 2015

Marriott School of Management
Brigham Young University
Provo, Utah

The Wheatley Institution is proud to announce their fifth Teaching Ethics at Universities Conference at Brigham Young University. The purpose of this conference is to improve ethics teaching across the nation by allowing participants to observe other expert teachers and the techniques they use to instruct students. To achieve this purpose the conference gathers professors and doctoral students in the field of ethics from across the country for a three-day conference consisting of featured lectures from top academics in ethics. Lectures are presented in a real classroom setting with students in attendance. After each lecture has concluded, the students will leave to allow the conference attendants to discuss the lesson and the pedagogical techniques employed by the professor. The conference is designed to improve ethics teaching nationally by bringing the best teachers of ethics together to learn from one another's teaching styles and techniques.

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