Teaching Ethics at Universities

Dr. Brad Agle

George W. Romney Endowed Professor; Romney Institute of Public Management, Brigham Young University

Dr. Brad AgleBrad Agle is currently the George W. Romney Professor at Brigham Young University, teaching ethics courses at the Romney Institute of Public Management. At Brigham Young, he serves on the MBA Committee and as the Council Chair of the Ethics Committee at the Wheatley Institution. He is also a member of the Ethics Committee for USA Synchro.

Before coming to BYU, Brad Agle was an Associate Professor of Strategy, Organizations, and Environment at the University of Pittsburgh, where he was also the Director of the Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership from 2000-2009. Dr. Agle has also served on the Advisory Board of Mosaica Education Inc., the Advisory Board of the Johnson Institute, the Board of Directors of the Oncology Nursing Society, the Executive Committee of the Social Issues in Management Division of the Academy of Management, the Executive Board of the International Association for Business and Society, as a Senior Research Fellow with the Ethics Resource Center in Washington, D.C., and as a judge for the American Business Ethics Awards. Prior to joining the Katz school faculty, he was the Arthur Andersen Fellow for Chief Executive Studies and Research Director at the Center for Leadership and Career Studies at Emory University (currently the Chief Executive Leadership Institute at Yale University).

A top-rated and award-winning teacher and researcher, Dr. Agle teaches courses in business ethics and strategic leadership and has taught in Brazil, China, Britain, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. His teaching brought the University of Pittsburgh the distinction of being the #2 ranked executive MBA program in the world in business ethics by Business Week. In the undergraduate area, Dr. Agle created the Certificate Program in Leadership and Ethics, the world's first integrated undergraduate specialty in ethical leadership in business. His work has been featured in various media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, and CNN, and he has been a guest on CNBC's "Morning Call", "Power Lunch", and "Closing Bell".

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